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Meg's Campaign

Campaign Code: BACCDFEF

Megan is great. She's a fun one. Another neophyte. She's all about the really fantasy elements of D&D. I love that about her. She's enamored with all the choices and potentials. She looks at all the books and sees them as a bunch of choices. Such a thing of wonder. She accidentally spent $20 on dice on the internet, but got the 36 16mm d6 set instead of the polyhedral set, which is what happens when you get too excited about your first set. What is really funny about it is that she was really opposed to the idea of playing at first. Then she had to sit through a few sessions and joined in. Perhaps I should explain. It's not like we forced her there. I work at a call center, and if there are no calls, we have nothing to do. So a few days a week, we play D&D between calls. Sometimes that means we get a lot accomplished, other days it means we don't do anything. So even a single combat can take hours. She was reluctant when she joined our group, but we've never forced anyone. Well, that's enough going on for now. Let's take a look at her choices, eh?


This is a little more difficult. Er, more then difficult, hard even.

Background: The fall has come. The world is dying. The winters were always harsh, but one year, spring never came. It was Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods. The Gods sallied forth to do battle with the Frost Giants. The gods fell. They were crumpled under the ice axes of the Frost Giants. Though it was a Pyrrhic victory, the Frost Giants were weakened to the point of no return. The people were left to themselves. The clerics prayers went unanswered, and magic has begun to fail. There is little left as ice covers the world. People are surviving on the few foods that were left before the fall, and what they can kill to eat. Life is harsh, brutal, and short. People have learned to deal with less and less. The crutches that they had relied on for years were kicked out from underneath them. No gods, no magic, they had to rely on their own abilities. Two groups rose to prominence. The Warriors and the Psychics. They are the hope of the people.

Adventure 1: Something dark this way comes.
The PCs are gathered together as the great heroes that they are. The final city stands on the verge of collapse. The grain stores are gone, and the hunting is growing scarce. There have been stories told by the travelers that there are certain incidents that happened out there. The citizens are worried, because there were no lack of animals before. Something has driven them into hiding, and its not hunters. Things are not what they seem. After tracking and looking for a while, the PCs should run across a black dragon, which they should know as a warm weather creature. They detest cold, and were unheard of in the great north even before the everlasting winter. It is a clue, an obvious one. However, the PCs shouldn't be able to track it, since it flew into combat, leaving not a trace.

Adventure 2: Life's a journey not a destination.
The PCs being such advanced level should be able to use powers to find where the black dragon had laired. The trek to its cave lair should be ardous. Blizzards and white worms, and all sorts of hardship. Something that the PCs will remember for years. The trek to get to the black dragon's lair. The trek itself is the adventure.

Adventure 3: Into the Night Below.
Once the PCs get to the cave lair, there should be monsters and traps galore. The black dragon should have been about CR 18 or so, to take on such high level PCs. The lair should reflect that. The lair will be blazing hot and humid. Perfect for a black dragon. Leave the PCs unprepared for all the heat. Have them make checks because of heat exhaustion, which the characters would never have expected, though the PCs might have. The main source of contention is the young black dragons. A good number of them. The black dragon they had met earlier was a mother and was hunting to bring her young children food while they stayed behind to guard the lair. The real point of the adventure though is to fully explore the cave system. Because somewhere in there is a passage to the underdark that the black dragon had came up when it was smaller.

Adventure 4: Forsaken.
The PCs should realize that the underdark might mean the salvation of their kind. Somewhere that the wind doesn't blow with a chilling frost, and that food can be grown (even if it isn't what they are expecting). They should have a few normal encounters of the underdark type before running into the Hell Pit. A moderately sized drow enclave. The drow are horribly at loss. Their dark mistress is gone. The Spider Queen, Lolth is dead along with the rest of the drow. Internecine conflict and the loss of clerical powers have left the city bereft of defenses. An ancient red dragon has stepped in and taken over the power vacuum. The Drow are now worshipping a Red Dragon instead of a spider goddess is a strange turn of events. They all call themselves the Forsaken, and are now fanatical in their desire to serve the red dragon. The PCs should be able to foster additional competition between the remaining drow houses and much direct combat with some still remaining high level drow wizards. It should be genocide. Something that needs to be done, and it should leave a distaste in the PCs mouths.

Ending the Campaign: If the PCs manage to take the drow city, which should cover many sessions, they can begin migrating their people to the drow enclave.

Contiuning the Campaign: Well, there's the whole mass exodus to oversee and there are other settlements that the PCs need to save. This can be a campaign to last the ages. More searching the underdark, and more people to save. If the PCs are up to it, this campaign could go epic with the PCs eventually gaining deity ranks to become the new gods of the world. Then instead of the frost giants bringing Ragnarok, it could be Tiamat.

I think I did it. Not as eloquent as the previous one. But workable. At such high levels, there's not really too much that can be done. That's one of the reason's I'm not too keen on the high level stuff.

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