Monday, April 19, 2010

Josh's Campaign

Campaign Code: FAGBCCEF

Ah, Josh. Not my second kid. A dude at work. He's really new. However he's played a lot of Warcraft. So he's learned a lot of bad habits. Occasionally he breaks out with a great idea, but the rest of the time...well. He tends to put out stuff that angers the rest of us. Especially naming conventions. He's had a dwarf named Thundershaft, and one named Wargasm. He tends to pick out what we like to call 'target names'. Basically some name that makes you so angry that you as the DM end up targeting the character for some pain. Only good name he's come up with so far is 'Eman Tegrat'...I'll leave you to figure that one out. So what did Josh pick?

More Divine
High Level

Background: There is no safety. There have been inexplicable raids on fortresses that were previously thought as impenetrable. Whole caravans are disappearing in the night. Even mighty adventurers and knights are disappearing. Across the whole world, there is nothing safe...except for temples. Temples, churches, and other holy places are safe, and over crowded. The high priests have gathered the greatest of the wandering holy men. Clerics and paladins responded to the call. Behind the scenes, a group of cultists managed to get their hands on several spell jamming vessels, and are terrorizing the population who doesn't know to look to the skies. They have a sinister purpose, the cult is trying to find several pieces of an ancient key that will unlock their dread gods from captivity. The random theft is to both finance their search and to throw doubt on what is actually happening.

Adventure 1: The Assault of the High Keep
The High Keep is one of the most important strategic assets in the Kingdom. On its promontory point, it looks out over the boarders and is only accessible by a single road. It is also important, because of the highly defensible nature, it is also where the king's Treasury is kept. The PCs are expected to sanctify the High Keep as a temple to hopefully keep the raiders out. While they are successful during the day, it gets bad at night. Undead appear out of nowhere. Zombies, ghouls, wights, and other low level corporal undead are around, but the big problem is the much larger amount of incorporeal undead that are attacking. Some of the incorporeal undead actually hide themselves inside of the corporeal. The thing that should surprise the players is that the undead appear places they shouldn't be. Top of towers, on walkways. The thing is that the actions of the PCs had taken do not work. Whatever sanctification they took part in did not take. Once morning comes there are few bodies left, regardless of how many corporeal undead the PCs had destroyed. Not even their fellow defenders bodies are left. Almost no bodies. The few they find should be completely unremarkable, except for a ghoul with a Qual's Feather Token of Feather Fall on it. Behind the scenes: Earlier when after the PC's did their work, invisible cultists (it always seems to be cultists, doesn't it) dropped down to the tower using feather fall to remove the sanctifies or whatnot. They also helped remove the bodies, to both bolster their ranks with undead and remove evidence. Yes, invisible doesn't last that long, but the PCs should be busy, and the cultists will have enough time to take uniforms and other things to blend in. This whole attack was to throw suspicitions and as a distraction.

Adventure 2: Dirge on the Homefront.
Having turned back the tide, the PCs should be alerted that the place they had come from had been raided by undead as well. It weathered the storm, but now everyone is realizing that even temples were unsafe. A good deal of the temple's coffers were stolen, but the main thing was a the body of an ancient saint whose bones were interred in the crypt of the temple. However, the problem isn't that the body was stolen, but that it was returned and is slaughtering everyone.

Sleepy now. More tommorrow...

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