Friday, May 21, 2010


This one breaks out of the mold, because I'm going on Cub Scout camping trip, but its promising thunder and lightning. So while we're stuck in our cabins, I think I might give this a go. Never mind the formatting, Here's the beginning...

Emmerdale Campaign:

Fair: The Village of Emmerdale is holding its annual county fair. The people of the village have gathered in the last days of summer to celebrate another year before the harvast comes in. There is food and drink being sold. There are races of all types, foot races, horse races, and even potato sack races. There are demonstrations by wandering merchants showing off various wonders such as magic potions to cure warts, swords and armor crafted by far away dwarven smiths, fantastic spices from the the mystical orient, and even a tame griffin. However, the biggest crowds are gathered for the livestock show, where the people of Emmerdale bring thier animals to be judged. Animals that score high in the livestock show are able to be sold for a much higher price then those who do not compete or recieve low marks.

The Arrival: The Lord of the West Counties, Baron Jim arrives with much fanfair to open the fair. Unfortunitly he brings sad news, the scheduled jousting matches are going to be cancelled, for the Knights of the Realm are trying to fend off the depredations of the green dragon, Po. This dismays the Mayor Emmerdale, Mr. Tom. Apparently, the chicken portion of the livestock show is lacking in entrants because a tribe of Kobolds have been raiding the outlying farms and stealing the chickens. Baron Jim is rather flustered with this, because he needs the knights to take care of a threat to the entire kingdom, not just a minor annoyance to one of the counties. Seeing that it could lead to greater trouble, Baron Jim allows Mr. Tom to form a militia to take care of the problem.

The Militia: Every able body person that is not a land worker, business person, or visitor is gathered to go hunt down the kobolds. That's the group. They are then told which farms were victims of the theft. It is up to the PCs to decide which farm they will investigate.

Behind the scenes: The kobolds have been raiding the farms in order to feed their new master, an ogre who says that he will protect them from the goblin horde they have been fueding with.

The Search
Farm: It doesn't really matter which farm they go to, the clues are the same. However, only the first farm is on the north side of the village, which is closest to the kobold hole. Each clue should narrow the search down to a fewer places. Some are obviously not clues, but red herrings. Like the village well...
Result Clue Information
10 Slate Arrows The bolts from thier light crossbows is made from chipped slate rock
15 vine rope There is a bit of rope made out of a perculiar vine.
20 Red Mud There red mud in a few places.
25 Feather The feather is NOT from a chicken, but from a blue warbler.

Knowledge Check DC 15 result for each:
Arrows: There are five places around the village where low grade slate rock could be gathered in order to make arrows. The Baron's Quarry, The Dwarf Delve, Falling Water, Wet Canyon, and the caves.
Vine Rope: The vine that the rope is made of is called water snake vine, because it only grows in deep water where it wriths like a snake. There are five places it growsl; Falling Water, Wet Canyon, The Caves, Deep River, and the village well.
Red Mud: Red mud is only found near the mountain, in the Dwarf Delve, Falling Water, and the Caves.
Feather: The blue warbler only lives in two places around Emmerdale, Falling Water, and The Baron's Quarry.

However, all of this can be skipped if the group includes a ranger, who can just track the kobolds.

To Falling Water: The trip north to Falling water should be fairly uneventful, with one exception. Along the way, the PCs should run into a trap. Who ever is in the first position will need to make a Reflex DC 10 to avoid being slammed between two logs ala Return of the Jedi or take 1d8 damage.

Falling Water: The great big waterfall is not only one of the areas widest know landmarks, but has been the home to a tribe of Kobolds for a few months. A DC 10 search check will reveal the secret entrance to the Kobold Hole.

Entrance: The entrance to the Kobold Hole is a crack that has been in the side of the waterfall for all of recorded memory, but the Kobolds have expanded it. The Ogre expanded it even further, but put a boulder in front of it to prevent people from coming in. The boulder requires a DC 15 str check. Remember aid another if need be.

Kobold Hole

Hole: The kobold hole itself is extrodinairaly beautiful. The inside is actually a huge geode. The walls and floor are made of beautiful crystal of white and blue. While beautiful, it is worthless for anything besides looking at. Even if you break off part of it and take it to be sold, it will fetch almost no price because it is flawed. Appraise check DC 10 will reveal this. However, Kobolds are tricksy little guys, and have rigged things to best protect themselves. The rooms are made up of very large pieces of crystal that break up line of site, but could be climbed over (Climb DC 25). Unless otherwise noted, all the 'rooms' are dark. If the PCs light a torch or use some other method of illumination, the kobolds are automatically aware of them, since they can see the light over the crystals.

Room One: Entrance
The first room is rather larger, with several smaller crystals. There are four kobolds in this room, who will take notice when the PCs enter. The light from the entrance will light up this room. Three of the kobolds will take up defensive positions behind the smaller crystals, giving them half cover for the battle. The fourth will run from the room to go alert the others.

Room Two; It's A Trap!
There is a pit in the center of this room, taking up most of it. There is a plank over the pit leading to the other entrance. The plank has been oiled with slippery oil. To cross it requires a DC15 balance check, anyone who fails the check must make a Reflex DC 20 to avoid falling in the pit. Falling in the pit causes 1d6 damage from falling and 1d6 from crystal spikes. Disable Device DC 8, or the PCs can just turn the plank over. After the pit is a choice of right or left. Listening will reveal the sound of chickens from the right.

Room Three; Rooster Fights!
In this area, is a smaller pit, with about one kobold for each PC. There is a small ring of crystals that the kobolds are all gathered around, inside of the ring is a pair of roosters that are fighting. The Kobolds are pretending to be watching the fight, but are actually ready for the PCs. One of the roosters is actually dead, but is being made to move on a string. When the PCs get close enough, the leader kobold will yank the string and send the rooster flying at the PCs, thus gaining the kobolds a surprise attack. Other then that it is a standard fight. There are two exits to this room.
Treasure: Well, all the roosters that aren't dead are bound and inside of sa cks in this room. Returning the roosters will make the farmers grateful.